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Kitten Domino left fighting for his life
after brutal dog attack in Leeds

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yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk, 09.05.2015

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      Kitten Domino left fighting for his life after brutal dog attack in Leeds
     An animal charity is calling for stricter laws over dog attacks on cats after a kitten was left fighting for its life in Leeds.
      Stray cat Domino was injured in a brutal dog attack but is making a remarkable recovery after being handed into the Cats Protections Gildersome Homing Centre.
      At just four months old, Domino was brought to the centre with puncture wounds across his body and suffered one broken leg, with the other severely infected. Diane Mulcahy, manager of the homing centre, said: Ive seen cats which have been attacked by dogs before but this was the most horrific case I have ever encountered.
      We rushed him straight to our vet, who saw something in Domino and said to us, I dont think this cat is ready to give up.
      Poor Domino has overcome so much in his short life. Despite everything he is happy and charms everyone he meets.
      Domino had extensive treatment, including surgery to repair his broken leg, and has a temporary metal frame fitted to help it heal. He is now expected to make a good recovery.
      Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protections advocacy manager, said Dominos case highlights why new laws surrounding dog attacks on cats are needed.
      She said: Around 10 cats a month are reported as having been victim of a dog attack and 80 per cent of dog attacks on cats are fatal.
      The problem is under current laws successful prosecutions where dogs attack cats are rare.
      The charity launched its Manifesto for Cats this year, which aims to introduce a new law over dangerous dogs that attack, injure or kill cats.
      Vet Keith Leonard, from Vets-4Pets in Birstall carried out Dominos treatment for free.
      He said: Domino is a true fighter and were so fond of him.


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