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Sal - Stray dogs attack more than 60 cattle in Palha Verde

oceanpress.info, 22.07.2015

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      Sal - Stray dogs attack more than 60 cattle in Palha Verde
      The cattle rancher, Edmundo Soares, has lost 60 goats, 4 sheep and 2 cows due to stray dog attacks that increasingly have taken hold across the island, especially the city of Santa Maria and surroundings.
      Santa Maria - 22 July - The increase of stray dogs on the island of Sal streets, continue to cause serious problems. Stray dogs roam the city of Santa Maria with frequent attacks on people and animals.
      In recent weeks, Edmundo Soares, cattle rancher has lost more than 60 animals due to stray dog attacks. He sought the autarchy to try to be reimbursed the enormous prejudice but until then, he claims to have not gotten any help.
      To Ocean Press, Edmundo Soares, a resident of the city of Santa Maria, said that the attacks have been frequent and he no longer supports more losses.
      "This situation is untenable. I give up, all is not lost and there is no reason to continue" vents Edmundo, that for around five years is engaged in livestock.
      Edmundo has lost 60 goats, 4 sheep and 2 cows, all attacked by dogs that have increasingly taken over the whole island, especially in the city of Santa Maria and surrounding areas.
      Our team has been in the area of Palha Verde where Edmundo creates his cattle, and saw one of his cows in critical condition after being attacked by a stray dog. Images made on site prove the critical situation of the animal.
      Click to enlarge image VacaLoca_MadCow-1.jpgClick to open image!
      Soares says he contacted the city council to demand a solution to this problem, but was told that they can't do anything against the dogs "because there is an association that protects these animals" and that the temporary kennel of the island, also located in Palha Verde has no more space to house these animals.
      The problem of stray dogs was so often reported, many of the attack stories of these beasts to people, including children and tourists.
      The population has expressed dissatisfaction with this situation and requires an immediate solution, by the responsible authorities. Ocean Press tried to contact the City Council for better information, but did not get a return.
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