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     UPDATE: Neighbors say goats attacked before
      EL PASO, Texas - Seven goats brutally attacked by stray dogs. An Abc-7 viewer encountered the goats as they were being attacked in Canutillo. She pulled over to help only to find five of them already dead. Two were rescued. We've learned one died overnight, the other is alive and expected to survive.
      The land is fenced, but nearby neighbors tell me this isn't the first attack.
      "I think he knows he's safe."
      A much different scene from yesterday, when seven goats were hauled away in wheelbarrows after they were attacked by stray dogs.
      In an emotional cell phone video, the woman who encountered them, in tears as she described what she witnesssed.
      Nearby neighbors saying it's happened before. One man who did not want to be identified says an attack happened last year.
      "About a year ago, the neighbors told me a pack of dogs attacked his goats and killed about 14 of them."
      Wednesday, still no sign, of anyone on the property. Calls to the number posted on a sign posted outside the property, went unanswered.
      Loretta Hyde, the Director at the Animal Rescue League located just down the road, says her staff has been called out to that property twice. Once for an attack similar to Tuesday's and another three years ago--to check on the animals' welfare.
      "They were turned in for multiple goats, too many in a confined space. There were carcasses that were left there, and that's when we sent a welfare check. His number of goats have gone down, but it's not the first time that people have been made aware of that these animals need some type of help," Hyde said.
      The sheriff's office says there's no record on their end of any prior complaints against the property owner.
      The stray dogs have not been located. In an area like this--Hyde says yesterday's outcome could've been much worse.
      "It's an everyday occurrence around here that something is being killed or attacked. They will pack on children, they don't know the difference. If it's something that runs and screams and makes a high-pitched noise, it's prey to them," Hyde said.
      The sheriff's office says they have contacted the property owner. They tell Abc-7, there was no sign of neglect because the goats had food, water and shelter, so he will not face any charges.


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