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The problem of homeless animals in Russia.

      The problem of stray animals appeared in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union (Beginnig of 1990th ), at the destruction of the public administration system. The illegal market has generated the uncontrolled breeding of animals that quickly led to overproduction and their depreciation. As a result, the city becomes more and more draws dogs. Pedigreed dogs, people tried to pick up from the streets, otherwise, most of them simply do not survive. Therefore, the first pack formed not one of them. The villagers left the ruined farms, leaving their homes .In their homes were working dogs. These chain mongrel who had never lived in the house were able to adjust to free life. They also began to stray into flocks multiply, and partly to move to the cities. Free mongrels lure on construction sites and in industrial zones, where they are allowed to reproduce. Catching services in many cities have stopped work due to the collapse of the administration system.
      The supreme power, claiming the all-Russian rules, which operated in the Soviet Union, according to which it is necessary to catch stray animals, "forgets" to register at the federal level, how to do it. And this question is given at the discretion of local officials. It was they who were the first to introduce new "humane" methods of solving the problem of stray animals. And to introduce illegally, because these "humane" method involves the abandonment of all or part of the stray animals on the street. This contradicts the federal health and veterinary rules, which require that animal control. Subjects of the Russian Federation does not have the right to reduce the federal regulations. And this is only part of the infringements.
      The decisive role in promoting the interests of the new managers have played the media, which began to feed the population the idea that the country should give up the remnants of the totalitarian regime and adapt to the new moral values of a civilized society, including - much too humane treatment of animals.
      Russia has become a testing ground for stray animal scam - a cynical fraud under the guise of so-called "humane methods of population control of stray animals." Using the fact that the former Soviet people believed the media by inertia, with TV screens became shamelessly lie about that homeless animals West no lulls and therefore a moral duty to Russia - to abandon the sadistic past and stop killing stray animals. Such programming people began back in early 90s. The Russians, who were in a state of chronic political stress, easy to believe in this utopia, and in 2002 pseudo-joyfully greeted the first swallow "ethical progress." It was the Moscow program of sterilization of stray animals. Budget money flowed into the pockets of crooks. It was not possible to verify whether there was sterilized at least one stray dog. Because all operated in the framework of the animals were released back into the street and did not respond to any accounting.
      In 2008, to replace the sterilization program, discredited unprecedented influx of stray dogs, came even more populist corruption scheme - lifelong maintenance of animals in shelters. Methods of theft, planted in the previous program, slightly more complicated, but the result of one - the billions wasted, and the problem has not been solved.
      None of the developed countries of Western Europe or in the United States or Canada, or Japan - such projects are impossible in the first place because of its cruelty to stay on the street and dying animals there. This sadism crooks (representing animal protectors) are trying to pass off as a highly moral achievement.
      Also criminal ideology that animal life is equal in value to human life.
      The problem of stray animals would cease to exist very soon, if not pseudo champions of animal rights activists have tried to confuse the public. To do this you need only turn to the experience of those countries where the streets will not find stray animals. And this state of Western Europe, the United States and other developed countries.
      Solution the problem of homeless animals in Russia and in other countries.
      The basis of the whole system of measures to prevent occurrence of stray animals is mandatory registration of dogs and cats from chipping. This action will immediately find the owner of a lost animal, which should be not only to take an animal, but also to pay a large fine.
      The main task - to stop the overproduction of animals, and it requires control over breeding. Only puppies with documents confirming the breed qualities of the parents should be allowed to be sold. Unauthorized commercial breeding of cats and dogs should be banned, as well as selling them in shops and markets.
       And here feature not only in preventing the emergence of surplus animals - body puppies and kittens particularly resistant to stressam.oni experiencing severe stress after the separation from the mother, the transportation to the new location. This leads to a drop in immunity and disease. Without proper treatment, the animals are killed. To eliminate stress in an animal the sale of its future owner must pick up a puppy or kitten directly from the place where he always found his mother.
      In some US states apply a measure to prevent the emergence of surplus animals as differentiated taxation owners. If the owner refuses to sterilize the animal, the higher the tax it pays for its upkeep. But this is basically true for cats. They are more difficult to control, especially in the rural environment, and their behavior is too problematic during sexual activity.
       Dog breeding control easier. It is sufficient to observe the rules of walking. Scientific practice also against the sterilization of dogs as well as the research of British and Canadian scientists, aggression increased in neutered females.
       However, in any given case, the measures are only preventive and does not reduce the number of animals that have found themselves on the street. Despite the huge mortality of the offspring of stray animals to survive, and their total number by itself can not be reduced. It's like a cut lawn.
      Measures for dealing with dogs and cats, found themselves on the street without a master, in all developed countries are catching, space in the public shelter to search for host or transmit benefactors. The term of these shelters at the expense of taxpayers, as a rule, does not exceed two weeks, after which unclaimed animals humanely euthanized.
      Outside settlements shoot stray dogs. Non-lethal and yet effective means of recovering wild animals to natural areas, unfortunately, not yet invented. And you can not leave them there - dogs and cats, while in the forest area, massively exterminate wild animals, and so become truly extreme parasites.
      Unlike wolves and tigers stray dogs do not hunt for food. One even well-fed dog pack is able to easily kill a day a few dozen animals just for the sake of the game. Dogs do it at any time of the year, including during the period of breeding of wild animals and birds nesting.
      At the beginning of the XXI century, biologists began to record in a number of Russian territory the disappearance of many species of wild animals due to the fault of stray dogs. Because they suffer today all Russian fauna - from hedgehogs, frogs and birds to deer and elk.
      Stray dogs are not able, as wolves or tigers, to kill quickly. Usually they hunt looks like this: several dogs from the pack at the same time, jerky pulling each animal caught in his side, trying to tear it up. And as soon as the victim ceases to resist, they throw it and run away. After that, tormented, mutilated animals sometimes die just a few days. That is, during the time of "programs of humane control of stray animal population" in Russian cities were torn millions of cats.
      If you help the animals.
      In Russia, tens of thousands of homeless animals are dying on a daily basis.
      Homeless cats die all, because they can not survive without a host. Lowered due to stress immunity can not protect the organism from illnesses that lead to sudden death.
      More than 90% of homeless kittens die before the age of 1.5 months because of unacceptable conditions for their development, leading to all sorts of inflammation, which, if untreated, will inevitably lead to death. Many kittens were eaten by rats, and those who miraculously survived to adolescence, outside the basement quickly sadistically kill stray dogs.
      When people help units or even hundreds of stray animals, but do not try to understand the reason of this problem and do not fight it - that they, at first, remain indifferent to the torture of millions of animals, and secondly they fit into a corruption scheme animal scam and become its additional participants, without interfering, but rather help her.
      Volunteers, silently and uncomplainingly saving and pick up animals, as well as housing and communal services workers, secretly spreading poison for stray dogs (whose actions are credited with mythical dog-hunters), swindlers are very beneficial as they partially conceal the problem.
      If you are looking for the real fighters for animal rights or animal welfare organization dedicated to using real animals, not in words but in deeds.
      People who actually save the homeless animals, a lot. But they all contain their home shelters or rescue only those animals which are themselves see around. Often it is given a lot of energy, they are wrapped and physically unable to respond to requests for assistance from animal strangers, avoiding contact with these petitioners. Such requests cause them despair attacks due to help of helplessness. Therefore I hope that some of them take it to her the next hundredth of a sick cat or a dog, naive and cruel to these people.
      Also, people who get their information from television reports, may get the impression that in Russia there are so many animal protection organizations that can assist in the rescue of homeless animals.
       Notable organizations that call themselves animal protection, do not give a real phone for communication (except for communication with the media) and do not have an animal care. In general, these offices are divided into two categories: companies that act as lobbying "humane" corruption schemes on stray animals and for the sake of hiding behind the guise of zoo-defence and purely commercial enterprise to launder charitable funds.
      The first sign of such frauds - keeping them fight against the euthanasia of homeless animals and the promotion of full "do not murder". "Businesses" are sometimes non-interference policy in which any struggle, as if they do not care where it came from the problem. Of course, it takes shelter animals, but with no guarantee of survival for the money, which they emit. These organizations are part of zoo scam.
      For the sake of maintaining their image, they can play in a TV show, where they can appear as people who selflessly assisting animals. But to believe this is not necessary. And in any case it is impossible to provide assistance to orphanages, having a legal person, the more the public. For example, if you give food or shelter medicine, which will be enough animals for one day, then the state money allocated shelter for the same period, they will be stolen.
      But especially want to highlight, it is a very common and extremely sadistic kind zoo scam - collecting money for treatment too implausible injured animals on the Internet. Forums, which brings together finance, no relation to the present animal protection have not. However, the first who came here because of the abundance of compassionate animal pictures may seem that the people here are really someone to rescue. But no help here you will not find. All you can do zoo scammers - to transfer the money, those who are more skilled than others of their lures.
      The most typical signs that these forums exist for defrauding money, not for the sake of animal protection and rescue are described here.
      All exhaustive information about those who can really help the animals here.

      Center for Animal Welfare Legal Protection, 12.12.2013

      "Zoo scam - Create corruption schemes for the extraction of money allocated by the state for so-called program of "humane stray animal population regulation": 1) sterilization of stray animals with their release after surgery on former habitats (street); 2) homeless animals in shelters prolonged or lifelong maintenance; 3) comprehensive programs that allow the killing of trapped animals, if both are used as the 1st and 2nd items. All varieties of these "humane" method combines the lack of results, i.e. homeless animals in a larger or smaller number remain on the streets and homeless animals problem is not solved.


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