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      18 03 2017

     Stray dogs kill spotted deer in Chattarpur district
     BHOPAL: Two days after dogs chased a leopard in Satna, a spotted deer was killed by stray dogs in Chattarpur district on Saturday.
      The full grown male deer was thirsty and had strayed from a neighbouring Sadwa reserved forest area, about 15 kms away from Badamalhera village of Chattarpur district. The incident took place in Sadwa village when the antelope was quenching thirst from a lake. A pack of stray dogs chased the deer. Bitten badly by the canines, the deer fell on the ground and died.
      An assistant conservator of forest Jahar Singh told media, " after an information given by the villagers, a team of forest department rushed to the spot but the animal could not be saved. There were deep canine wounds on the body of deer."
      A pack of stray dogs on Thursday chased a leopard in Satna forcing the panicked feline to enter a house and hide under a bed.
      The leopard strayed into ward Number 4 in Satna town at around 8 am when dogs lazing near a shop in the crowded residential locality started barking and chasing the wildcat.
      Later forest department staff rescued the spotted cat.
      After the stray dog menace around panna tiger reserve (PTR) neighbouring Chattarpur district where even a tiger was attacked by a rabid dog, forest department launched a vaccination drive in 2015.
      So far more than 2600 stray dogs have been given vaccines of canine distemper, a viral illness with no cure and 7 other diseases including rabies, said Dr Sanjeev Gupta, veterinarian posted at the PTR.
      In all 88 villages have been identified around the park including villages in 1 km radius of the PTR.
      In the 32 villages, all the dogs have been vaccinated . Now in the second phase of vaccination dogs in 19 more villages are being vaccinated.
      The vaccination campaign started after 1 tiger and 1 leopard were found canine distemper positive after their death. However, whether the cause of the death of the tiger was canine distemper the big cat was just carrier of the virus was not known, forest department sources said. Stay updated on the go with Times of India News App. Click here to download it for your device.


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