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      There is around a million stray dogs in Russia. They are feral gregarious animals, descendants of domestic pedigreed dogs that became homeless during the first half of the 1990s, when something in the state trapping services went wrong.
      Over the last 10 years, stray dogs have torn to pieces 400 Russian citizens. Yet these are only facts that leaked to mass media by chance. Nobody knows how many people actually died. No All-Russia reports on dogs killing humans are available.
      In Moscow, dogs kill at least 100 homeless cats every day, while in the last 10 years they have torn to pieces half a million cats in Moscow. Dogs do not eat cats, but hunt them to satisfy their hunting or play instincts. Sometimes, a cat runs away from the dogs but they manage to bite off its foot, for example, which results in a cat dying in long torments. The dogs often attack at night noiselessly; therefore some people regard the discovered killed cats as victims of sadists.
      There are large parks in Moscow, where dogs have destroyed virtually all wild fauna (deer, roedeers, hares, hedge-hogs). This is how it's done: several dogs seize a victim animal and start giving it a bad time, chew and let go, pull apart, pull from chap to chap, strip the skin. This done, the tortured animal does not always die immediately, as the dogs often drop the poor thing still alive.
      The cats are tender animals and are absolutely unadapted to living outdoors without their master. Cats die in numbers not only because of the dogs, but also due to stress and low immunity to diseases.
      In Moscow alone, at least 60 000 dogs a year die mainly due to being destroyed by the local population employing cruel methods surreptitiously.
      There are no rescue services to attend to homeless (and, indeed, wild) animals in this country. It is only enthusiasts who rescue animals and arrange medical treatment of them at commercial exorbitant rates.
      Virtually in every (!) dwelling house there are flats crammed to capacity with dozens of pet animals picked up in the street, especially cats. The owners of such flats are real zoo slaves. They spend everything on their pets, themselves living on bread and water. Nobody helps those people, their neighbors treat them with contempt; they do not live, but suffer torments being in constant stress and fear of getting infected, with rabies, among other things.
      All this becomes possible because of the so-called "humane" (!!!!) programs of sterilizing (neutering) homeless animals, with subsequent return of the animals back in the streets after sterilization. The state allocated huge amounts of budget money to finance these programs. The money has been plundered.
      In 2010, when there broke out a rabies epidemic in many regions, the chief public health physician banned the destruction of stray dogs even in the woods.
      Things came to such a pitch that in November of 2011, after yet another person was maimed and killed by the dogs in Saratov Region, local authorities declared they would not be trapping dogs for fear of being penalized. At present, sterilization in some cities gives way to protracted keeping of feral dogs in shelters that will never be able to accommodate even 25% of all animals because the trapping and keeping in shelters of all dogs for a year would cost Russia no less than USD 2 billion. (There are many homeless people in Russia, but no shelters for them are available!) Animals that remain in the street will keep breeding, and their population will be restored immediately. Thus, by building shelters, the state wastes money.
      Time and again, we petitioned the government of Russia with open letters unveiling monstrous brutality of "humane programs". We published a scientific paper, proving the need for using euthanasia of stray animals as a matter of last resort. For 10 years we have not received a single motivated reply from anybody.
      In the meantime, the RF State Duma is about to pass a law on stray dog neutering on the scale of entire Russia. The expert advisory board drafting the law is made up of extremists, ideological followers of the zoo-terrorist organization "Animal Liberation Front", banned in the United States and in Western Europe.
      There is no organization to apply to in this country: we have seen it for ourselves that the state of Russia exists no longer. We are appealing to the whole world. People, please, do petition the governments of your countries, let them influence our leaders and request them to stop flouting the animals and humans. Center for Animal Welfare Legal Protection, Moscow, Russia.

Stray dogs kill wild animals, torment cats, kill farm animals,
bitten to death of people (video)

Dogs kill cats.

Dogs kill animals.

Stray dogs kill farm animals.

Stray dogs kill animals. TV reports.

Stray dogs bitten to death of people.

Dogs kill cats. TV reports.

Wild dogs kill animals.

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